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Also features sybian sex. Water Bondage Helpless bound beauties get sprayed, washed, dunked and boned, breath play, orgasms and underwater bondage leave the sexy subs wet and wanting more. Wired Pussy Beautiful women are tied up, dominated, and fucked with all kinds of insane electrical toys and insertables.

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Thousands of photos and videos Serious Bondage Huge site containing many, many bondage, encasement and other techniques, stories, articles, images and product reviews. Be prepared for a long stay in this well presented website. The Bondage Channel Forced Orgasms.

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The stories on these pages are either a work of fiction or are based on events that may have happened to the author. These stories remain the copyright property of their respective authors.


The stories contained on this page have been sent to me by the author to be posted on this site and therefore licensed by the author. There are a lot of strange old things in the world. Genma and Kisame just happen to run into one such thing while after the same target. Posing undercover at the revenant-owned Pussy Willows gentleman's club was going great until Bobo Del Rey walked in, the only one of the badguys that already knew our heroine's face After his dynamic is revealed to the entirety of his class via supervillain, Bakugou Katsuki wants revenge.

Unfortunately for him, the only way he seems able to do that, is by sitting still and looking pretty in the seats of several different illegally run brothels across town as an undercover agent. Meanwhile Kirishima Eijirou wants to know if he started considering his best bro mate material before or after the thigh highs, Midoriya Izuku wants what is best for his fellow omega, and Todoroki Shouto wants to decide what he wants from his green haired classmate.

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Or rather, all it takes is Bakugou Katsuki going undercover as a prostitute for Kirishima Eijirou to finally recognize his feelings. A downtrodden, underpaid sound designer finds himself the only witness of a very peculiar crime - and the experience that comes after is bound to change the way he sees the world, forever. Many people believe that Akaashi Keiji is a man of virtue and a model of those unswayed by the temptations of darkness, especially by his co-workers at the Special Anti-Organized Crime Agency—a secret division of highly trained detectives whose goal is to dismantle the networks that keep underground organizations thriving and eradicate organized crime once and for all.

Eren and Levi are two of the Legion's finest spies in all aspects save one: they can't get along with each other. When a string of kidnappings point to a larger black market operation, the two of them are tasked with fixing the problem.

As if personal problems weren't the only issue, the roles they're assigned - a smuggler and slave - only make things worse. It is a fine night for a handsome man to earn a princely wage through the exercise of his charms and good nature. And better yet if those attractions were to catch the eye of a certain banker, whose activities may or may not warrant a very pointed response.

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The plan is a solid one. A month after the Battle of Scarif, Jyn and Cassian are sent undercover to a brothel in the Coruscant Underworld -- not a nice place to be.

DOWN N’ DIRTY EP. #1 : Sex Dungeon - Sex Bondage Experience

Their mission: to serve as a drop for other agents deep undercover working to take down the Empire. Cassian is serving as The Heartmoon Club's "silencer," an enforcer of the rules who protects the brothel at all costs. It is a role specifically chosen for her so she will not have to cross the line for the Rebellion.

They're forced into cramped spaces every few nights to debrief on what they know, and all around them, the sounds of pleasure, while they struggle to work out how they feel about each other, when they can't get a moment to themselves to just be. The mission is simple: he is the honeypot for the target, and he will kill him. He could've slapped himself at his stupidity. What had Shiro said? Oh right, "It's a simple mission. You dress up, flirt a little, and get him alone. We'll have a tracker on your location, all you have to do is press the button we installed in your phone and we'll be there to make the arrest.