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Beautifully written, this comprehensive, practical treatment guide promises to be used and tested for years to come. In the last three decades, the approach to sexual offending has been almost unrelentingly punitive. Stinson and Becker outline a rigorous, empirically grounded approach to treatment, in a style that is accessible and clear. This book needs to be on the shelf of anyone assessing or treating someone who has committed a sexual offense.

It will stand as a landmark in the evolution of sex offender treatment. Without losing sight of public safety concerns, the authors identify methods for establishing a caring, empathic therapeutic alliance. The importance of basing therapeutic interventions on well-documented empirical evidence is properly emphasized.

This is a thought-provoking work that educates rather than indoctrinates.

It will be a useful resource for both clinicians and students. SOS is founded on an incisive model of self-regulatory processes in affective, cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal domains.

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This innovative, step-by-step manual warrants the attention of researchers and practitioners who are committed to reducing the serious and lasting harm inflicted on society by sexual offenders. Stinson and Becker have presented an interesting and detailed treatment model that incorporates aspects of evidence-based approaches including motivational interviewing and dialectical behavioral therapy. Jill D.

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Her research focuses broadly on psychopathology and sexual offending, self-regulatory processes in persons with a history of sexual offending and violent behavior, and specialized assessment and treatment needs of forensic populations. Judith V.

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Becker is a past president of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers and the International Academy of Sex Research, has served as editor of Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, and continues to serve on a number of editorial boards. Sexual assault nurse examiner SANE development and operation guide. Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime. Savino Eds. London, England: Elsevier Academic Press.

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What if... We could rehabilitate sex offenders?

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Binghamton, NY: Haworth Press.

Treating Sex Offenders

Worling, J. Risk of sexual recidivism in adolescents who offend sexually: Correlates and assessment. Assessment Abel, G. Self reported sex crimes of non—incarcerated paraphiliacs. Journal of Interpersonal Violence , 2, 3— Abel, G. The measurement of the cognitive distortions of child molesters. Annals of Sex Research , 2, — Visual reaction time and plethysmography as measures of sexual interest in child molesters. Classification models of child molesters utilizing the Abel Assessment for Sexual Interest. | Treating Sex Offenders, Jill D. Stinson | | Boeken

Child Abuse and Neglect , 25, — Screening tests for pedophilia. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 21 , — Ahlmeyer, S. The impact of polygraphy on admissions of victims and offenses in adult sexual offenders. Andrews, D. The psychology of criminal conduct 4th ed. Cincinnati, OH: Anderson. Crime and Delinquency , 52, 7— Practice standards and guidelines for the evaluation, treatment, and management of adult male sexual abusers. The psychophysiological assessment of juvenile offenders. Marshall, A. Beckett Eds. Blasingame, G. Suggested clinical uses of polygraphy in community—based sexual offender treatment programs.

Treating Sex Offenders

Boer, D. Manual for the Sexual Violence Risk—20 : Professional guidelines for assessing risk of sexual violence. Borum, R. Bradford, J. Treatment of adult male sexual offenders in a psychiatric setting. Marshall, Y. Fernandez, S. Ward Eds. New York, NY: Plenum.

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Understanding juvenile sexual offending behavior: Emerging research, treatment approaches, and management practices. Cullen, F. Assessing correctional rehabilitation: Policy, practice, and prospects. In Criminal justice Policies, processes, and decisions of the criminal justice system pp. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice. External supervision: How can it increase the effectiveness of relapse prevention?