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Jan 20, You must login to Pinkbike. Don't have an account? Sign up. Why did Tioga take such a different approach to seat design? The darker material is the Spyder's more rigid frame, while the light grey coloured material is the softer shell and inside of the silicone padding.

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It's the Spyder's dual-material construction that makes the design possible. First, a stiffer base material is used to create the seat's general shape shown in green to the right , after which a softer, more flexible material is bonded over the top of it to create the Spyder's shell. The finished product looks pretty seamless, but you can spot the two different materials if you get close, and you can actually feel how the top is softer than the edges if you use your fingernail to try and scrape both. Tioga's 'DualTech' two-piece construction took awhile for them to get right, and they tested and decided against designs that offered both more and less flexibility.

The stiffer base material, shown above in green, is used to create the Outland's shape.

The silicone pads give the Outland a far less intimidating appearance. The pads can be completely removed if you find that you don't need them. At mm wide, the Spyder Outland is ideal for riders with narrow sit bones. The Spyder Outland's appearance is going to be enough to scare some riders away, which is a shame because I can almost guarantee that those who prefer a narrow seat will find the odd looking Tioga to be quite comfortable.

SileTzar Jan 21, at I farted while riding this saddle and it sounded like dubstep. LRod Jan 21, at This literally made me bust out laughing! Quick and easy cleaning for sharts as well! Relayden Jan 21, at Won't have to stop and get off for deuces anymore, except for house cleaning. The other day a guy came into the shop I work at asking for a saddle that wouldn't effect his sex life. I would love to see the look on his face if I showed him this.

MtbSince84 Jan 21, at Mattin Jan 21, at Sounds like he is riding a saddle that's too narrow for him: his saddle is pinching the nerves between the sitting bones, instead of his sitting bones resting on his saddle. Since this saddle is so damn narrow, numb genitals will happen to the majority of the riders, unless you have very narrow sitting bones. Can't understand how they only made a size XS for this saddle. Back to the dude at your shop: find him a wider saddle.

My saddles are mm and mm wide. My innerlegs are nut rubbing against the saddle, what many people would think with wide saddles. If the wider saddle is not enough, sell him an ISM saddle in the correct width and softness for him. Looks ugly but is apparently the best saddle ever made from what I heard. Big chance that once their 10 years patent ends, all other saddle companies will jump onto this design aswell, and the shape will become accepted as normal.

WAKIdesigns Jan 21, at I have a solution for him - saddle with an extending spike pinching his balls every 5 minutes, staying up for at least 5 minutes. Just stop sitting on the saddle so much damn it. You can also tell him to install bleeding ports in his balls so that he can flush the system at pressure. Now seriously: most flow saddles are friendly to man bits.

Standing up more often is actually not a bad idea. I do that on my track bike quite a lot to increase the intensity of the training. I am here for a god damn saddle, not for advice on how should I ride my bike. Can I speak to a manager here, not some dude on a summer job? I am not putting my money on what looks like a potential lawsuit in the future. Man leaves the store.

Brooks cambium carve, available in three widths, one even has carbon rails to meet enduro standards. I think the best saddle for that dude would be something really uncomfortable. That way he wouldn't be out riding his bike and would be at home making sweet love to the lady. I started riding a trainer for the first time this winter. An old mtb with a flite saddle, never had a problem with real riding. Probably because I'm never standing.

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Along with helmet this is something I've no problem spending money on. Went to 2 great stores, both happy to let me take saddles home to try on trainer. Price is no object.

Tried Sella san Marco rolls ti, scoop, giant contact sl, plus more on store fit bikes fizik, newer sella italia with and without cutout, some OEM seats. Was going to settle for the giant narrow, no numbness but hard as a rock when out of desperation I went to the specialized dealer Problem solved. Like magic. All that doubt and skepticism.

To Outland and Back One Millimetre from Home by Charles & Dave

Turns out my seat height was fine, saddle nose height was fine, forward back was fine, bar height, etc, etc. Key for me was getting weight off perenium while keeping nose narrow. Don't give up hope there is a saddle for every ass. SoDiezl Jan 21, at I also do lots of bike fitting for road bike customers so have plenty of experience fitting customers to saddles, and to their bikes This is my new saddle "Specialized S-Works Power" which is incredible ep1. This takes some getting used as most saddles actually shared load between sit bones and soft tissue to some degree.

The Power saddle takes a couple of rides to get used to because of the direct sit bone loading, but there is no contact with the perineum which allows an aggressive forward postion - on many saddles including my previous Specialized Toupe you'd get perineum contact when rotating forward into the drops which caused uncomfortable pressure. You can't relieve this pressure by angling down the nose more than degrees because you become unstable as you slide forward and place load on the upper body to provide support.

The tricky thing with saddle choice is there are 2 elements: "Support" a good fit and "Comfort". The two are not the same, and you can have a saddle with great support but perhaps not comfortable in terms of transferring road shock Then you have saddles which are comfortable but provide a poor fit width, shape, too much padding in that the pelvis is hunting for a stable position, causing instability under load which then causes a cascade of issues to the hips, back and knees.

I'd always take a saddle with support rather than comfort, as your body will adjust harden to the supportive saddle quickly, whereas a comfortable saddle with poor support will just cause ongoing issues and long term injury. Exactly in line with what I experienced. Exactly right the perenium pressure was not something that I was conditioning to, seemed like road to permanent damage. I wanted to like the scoop, it is beautiful but was too soft and wide and didn't relieve perenium pressure.

The Giant Contact SL was the one other saddle that gave me good support without perenium pressure but it was EXtremely hard. I was prepared to endure because my sitbones would condition themselves but I would never use it off-road because it was like steel coated with a mm of vinyl. Something I'm wondering: My current off road seat is an oem yeti seat.

Doesn't look like much but is narrow enough and extremely springy. Not good for long seated rides but if I crash into it when riding it gives like a spring. I'd like another phenom for my main bike but it is pretty damn rigid. Have you found the more expensive phenoms have more spring? That sounds like a cock and balls story to me I could not get on with the Romin Evo because I found the nose too wide despite the rear width being the same at mm.

If they offer a day swap out programme try experimenting with some different saddle models to find one that suits I've seen a live demo of the blood flow analysis Specialized use to test their new design; a guy had a sensor glued to his johnson! I have the previous generation spyder saddle and love it, I actually put it on my road bike and have no problem with it on 80 plus mile rides. But I originally got that saddle because it was cheap and light, and this is not cheap. DC Jan 21, at I have the old version too but on my MTB, I'm always getting asked about it and people are surprised when I say it's actually very comfy and has been very strong so far.

So, for water and mud coming up off the back tyre Hoping not, looks interesting. Might try the lighter cheaper version. DC Jan 23, at I did have mud seeping through the holes on the last muddy ride I did but I figure if it's muddy them I'm going to be getting dirty regardless. Ashton Jun 21, at DC : and if you have any tears on seat with foam it will collect water unlike this one!

Ben78 Jan 20, at It's like that pesky mud stuck in the funny holes on a fork arch, but only worse because you're sitting in it?

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FranckR Jan 21, at I use a chinese copy of the Twintail design Sorry Tioga but I was broke , made of mere plastic, and you know what? It's the most comfortable saddle I've ever had, and it didn't break yet even with many crashes. For the mud thingy, actually it's way better this way, the mud doesn't get stuck in these holes and overall you don't get that "wet ass" feel from when your saddle is coated with mud.

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Also it's very light, under g. I had a three year old sitting behind me and I looked at him and he didn't respond. I was in a state of panic. It chipped some of his skull and left a nasty scar,but luckily there was little other damage. It missed his brain stem by a millimeter.

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So I'm just so thankful for such a miracle. And I thank God every day that they are ok. And there is proof all through the Bible. And I feel that if, um whether you know, if people start leaving, whether it's Shilo or Israel in general, we're just giving it away. And I say that without hesitation.