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The Best Southern Cookbooks

Marion Brown's Southern Cook Book makes the charm and good company of the best Southern cookery available to everyone. About the Author Marion Brown was author of the classic Marion Brown's Southern Cook Book , , one of the country's earliest regional cookbooks. For more information about Marion Brown, visit the Author Page. Today I have thousands of cookbooks in my library, but Marion Brown's Southern Cook Book is the first one I pick up whenever I need to research a particular Southern recipe or whenever I just want a good read. A regional cookbook with an appeal to all who love good--and rich--food.

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The Southern Cookbook Canon

I love this soul food cookbook. Lewis brought Southern cooking into the mainstream, pulling it from the country into the realm of general comfort and refinement. If you see Southern food in fine dining now: credit to her. Meal planning guides—for example, a spring breakfast bounty includes bacon and eggs, but also honey from woodland bees and dandelion blossom wine—are intoxicating.

You cannot talk about Southern food without acknowledging how much of it is rooted in African American traditions and experiences, and I would not try. This is an essential book for any Southern kitchen.

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Get your own. Carla Hall, a fan favorite on the show, has a cookbook that celebrates both—and I do mean celebrates , because every bit of her work is exuberant.

It is so easy to […]. Posted: September 25, Posted: September 23, This Smoked Sausage, Tomatoes and Okra is a great recipe to use up fresh garden vegetables but could be made with frozen and canned vegetables, too.

This recipe makes a quick, easy meal served over […]. Posted: September 22, These shortbread cookies just melt in your mouth. I have never seen anyone that did not love them! Some people call these shortbread cookies and others call them tea cakes.

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