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It could be as simple as consistently saying yes to going to bed at the right time. Saying no to that next round of drinks. Saying yes to reading and exercise.

1. Be prepared in all aspects of your life

Saying no to office birthday cake. Its living your day in honest conversation with Him.

Self-awareness is a crucial, underrated skill. You have a Signature Sauce that God wants you to serve to the world. It just takes some honest, hard, intentional reflection and countless failed experiments to find out what it is.

New Job? Set Yourself Up for Success

Drinking responsibly is life-savingly important. Doing social media responsibly is reputation-savingly important. Are you presenting an authentic, positive image of yourself online? Or are you the purveyor of these Facebook updates that need to stop happening? We need to sweeten our lives with some Generational Potpourri—a collection of age ranges with different backgrounds and experiences to spice up our lives.

Set Yourself Up for Success (Collection)

I think there are a lack of twentysomethings who are actively seeking mentors. Or a fear of commitment. One of the biggest advantages twentysomethings have is time. And every day, you have a choice: Will I invest my time in things that build or things that destroy?

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  • How wisely do you invest your time, energy and creativity in things that will produce high returns? Do you deposit your time in things that will produce value? It's filled with guided meditations for those who are new to the practice. As the name suggests, you're bound to start your day off on the right foot-- and actually be happy to go to work --after listening to Fearne Cotton's podcast. Cotton describes her show as "a place where she wants to collect all things that make me happy.

    A good TED Talk can motivate, inspire or just plain entertain. Why not sink into an episode to help take you over the hump of the week. TED's official podcast has hundreds of episodes to choose from, so there's no shortage of material to keep you going and reignite your energy. Each episode of Sophia Amoruso's podcast features a boundary-pushing woman who's worked their butt off to get where they are.

    Sophia cuts right to the tough questions, in turn, sharing numerous lessons and advice along the way. What better way to kick off the last day of your work-week than listening to a podcast dedicated to expressing creativity and living adventurously.

    Songwriters: Setting Yourself Up For Success

    In order to know how to get there, you need to put your goals into words. Make sure your goal is smart, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. For example, let's say your goal is to launch a new product in the next six months to your target audience of millennials.

    Millennials want the next best thing trust me, we do! Understanding search marketing is a full-time job all on its own. How you answer the phone and speak with a customer says a lot about your business.

    Abraham Hicks Setting Yourself Up For Success Part I

    Answer the phone with a smile, follow-up with voicemails, and collect contact information before you end the call.