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Rovinj’s regatta of traditional boats with lug and lateen sails – ‘Regata’

An AP on shore delayed this morning's start but the wait wasn't too long and just over an hour later the AP was down and the sailors headed out to their rides for the final day of racing. When the wind doesn't play ball, it's a tough day on-the-water and today was one of those days. All classes headed out to their respective courses to be greeted by light breeze and come start time, it was even lighter.

A solid knots saw all 12 classes catching up on their respective series and the Race Officers and their teams working double time. Photo Gallery. On Water Race Documents.

On Shore Programme. A former rugby player and cyclist, Mike learned to row as a master upon marrying Annette.

Mike began his lengthy career in the graphics and printing industry in in New Zealand, initially in film color separation. This brought him eventually to Los Angeles, where his focus expanded to include printing of magazines, calendars and greeting cards. He and a partner eventually started their own greeting card, gift and print specialty company.

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To their surprise, they met again at his warehouse, as she arrived in a UPS truck for his afternoon pick up. Annette was required to drive a truck prior to entering management!

Day 3 Live - Henley Royal Regatta 2019

Mike re-established himself in Atlanta in the large format print business, initially in color separation and then as film gave way to digital, in large format digital for high end customers such as Home Depot, Coca Cola, etc. At Regatta Print, we provide more than just the highest quality printing at the best possible price.

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