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And as a leader, you might be looking for more ways to invest in your people to help unleash their intrinsic inspiration. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in thinking about how to inspire and engage others in meaningful work, we overlook one very important player in this scenario: ourselves.

Brian, a VP in a mid-sized financial firm, was a hard-driving leader who led mostly via a command and control. Fortunately, his CEO saw the potential in Brian and encouraged him to make changes. He slowed down. Brian implemented a few daily rituals that took less than fifteen minutes but allowed him to pause and reflect before acting or, worse, reacting.

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One practice you might try: Keep a journal. It can help boost your intentionality. He got real about his leadership approach and impact.

Increased self-awareness is often the catalyst for change. Once he recognized that his own unconscious motivations and fears were shutting others down and making them feel discouraged and demotivated, he saw the opportunity cost in that behavior. With those insights, he started working with a coach who helped him change his practices and engage differently with his team. He reconnected with higher purpose work.

Arrive early, stay late, and dress for success

The big picture stuff. He made it part of the culture. Inspired by his own results, Brian made important changes to the one-on-one meetings he held weekly with his team members. This helped to develop a culture that promotes self-reflection and personal growth. The structure of his one-to-one meetings goes like this:. Writing the answers down in a notebook or pad is a good way to show that you are serious about learning, and not just feigning an interest to make a good impression.

Think about how you will answer questions concerning your previous work so that you can talk about your work history in a succinct and positive light.

27 things you should do on your first day of work

Let your boss and colleagues know you are excited about your new job and want to contribute as soon as possible. It is possible that some of your colleagues will not be familiar with your new role in the organization, so think of how you will answer this question.

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  5. A simple smile goes a long way toward making a good first impression. It is good advice to relax and be yourself.

    19 Tips for Making a Great Impression at Your New Job | LiveCareer

    Offer to help whenever the opportunity arises. Be careful to offer help to your colleagues as well as your new boss, as you want to avoid being seen as someone whose only interest is rising up in the organization as soon as possible.

    7 Easy ways to be highly productive at work - Improve your interpersonal skills

    By Harvey Deutschendorf 2 minute Read. Take initiative and introduce yourself Many workplaces will take you on a tour to introduce you to your colleagues on the first day or shortly after you start your job.

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    Prepare good questions to ask You want to appear eager to learn and start to contribute as soon as possible. Prepare to answer questions about yourself and your new job Think about how you will answer questions concerning your previous work so that you can talk about your work history in a succinct and positive light.

    Smile, relax, and offer to help whenever possible A simple smile goes a long way toward making a good first impression. Impact Impact Get ready New York: You can now buy the Impossible Burger in supermarkets Impact Horrifying report: The ocean is in more danger than we thought Impact City governments are being overwhelmed by mobility options: this new software wants to help. No biggie.