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Setting up a spring pole or using a flirt pole are both great ways to exercise your dog as well. American Pit Bull Terriers need a lot of socialization and love being around people. If you leave your dog at home while you work, think about hiring a dog walker to take your dog out once a day.

27 Things Every Pit Bull Owner Should Know

As a pit bull owner, you should own a break stick to help you break up any dogfights that occur. Reputable breeders will have their dogs registered and will have the proper papers for all of their dogs. Their dogs do not meet the breed standard and are not considered show quality. These people will not be associated with a kennel and may not even have papers. Any dog you get from a backyard breeder is liable to be less healthy and suitable than it should be. Verbal reprimands are all that should be necessary to discipline your dog. If you find yourself wanting to hit your dog, two things you might need are:.

If you let your dog pull you while you walk, then you are rewarding the dog for pulling. Train your dog to walk properly and you will make a better impression on everyone you meet. In order to do this, your dog needs to have been born with papers. Pit Bulls are a proud, loyal, loving breed of dog.

No matter what they say in the press and the papers, you should be proud to own this amazing breed! While your dog is a puppy, you should feed it as much food as it can get. This is an important stage of development and your dog needs all the nutrition it can get. You can always taper back the food later on. To reduce your vet bill, you can give your dog ivermectin instead of heartgard. If your pit bull is having a behavior issue, look for a dog trainer who is Animal Behavior Certified.

Most behavior issues are due to lack of exercise. This is a powerful breed that could knock over a shallow fence. Dogs can strangle themselves if they try to jump a fence with a leash on. At 11 months, dogs are in the doggy adolescent stage.

Pit Bull Breed Profile

This is when things get a bit more challenging, but with consistency, just as with dealing with teenagers, these dogs can turn out being great dogs once they are years old. How easy or hard training a pitbull of this age is, ultimately depends on several factors such as whether the dog was trained at all in the past, the dog's temperament, motivation use high-value treats and owner's skill in training. Sounds like your pup sees the towels as fun tug toys!

You can try training the leave it cue. Use it anytime you pup approaches the table and then, make sure you provide ample of fun, interactive toys such as stuffed Kongs or Kong Wobblers.

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My puppy won't stop peeing in his crate. My wife has tried being more assertive by taking him outside, and he is rewarded when he uses the bathroom outside. It's mostly at night that he does this, though.

Training and Socializing

What do we do? Your puppy may not be ready to go through the night without going potty. It may help to limit access to water for a couple of hours before bedtime. Also, make a mental note of what times he has accidents in the crate, and take him out for about an hour prior.

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  5. How do I get my puppy to stop biting me? Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I love your website im doing a presitation for school and i am using your website to reaserch. I have a 7 month pitbull and he started about a month ago growling and barking at aggressively at me.

    He won't do it to my husband or anyone else that comes around. He just snaps at me out of no where. When he has calmed I can get close and take him out for walks but then he snaps again. I have been able to pet him in the past 2 days. He hasn't bit me. Can you help? I have two rescue Pit bulls, my female is three months old and my male is five years old.

    We recently adopted an 8 wk old blue nose. She is of course full of energy and does a lot of puppy biting. My main concern is I have a small Morkie who is 6 and my puppy is just too rough for her. We have to keep them apart unless the puppy is quiet then I have them lay or eat together. Any advice on how I can get her to play nice and not hurt my other little dog? I have a brand new pit bull puppy, and I want to raise him the right way, I'm curious how to start.

    I have a red, pit puppy I got when he was 3 weeks old, I'm fully aware he was too young to be taken from his mother but he would've died and I knew to give him milk replacement and how to care for him. I put him in the sit position but as soon as I lower the treat his butt pops up and he stands there trying to get the treat.

    I just got a pit puppy a few days ago, he is 3 months old. Your puppy is still young, but you want to work on this early as this can morph into serious separation anxiety. Here are a few tips: engage your puppy before leaving, go for a brief walk, then leave a stuffed Kong like with peanut butter and give it to him as soon as you leave.

    You can also hide some treats around the house. Here are some more tips,. Hi Adrienne, my husband and I recently took in a 4 month old Pittie. The hardest thing for me to do is leave the house in the morning for work as she just won't stop 'crying'. What can I do to make it easier for her and myself? Even if we're at home, the moment she realizes she's alone in a room, she becomes so anxious I suppose it has something to do with her previously being neglected. Please help You need to use the stay phrase and just keep saying it until you teach your dog the no command.

    How do i keep my puppy from jumping on people.

    Defining Tasks

    She just gets so excited, it hard to have her focus There are high chances you puppy has become this way because of the intimidating methods that have been used to correct her. Spanking, yelling and grabbing the muzzle are sure ways to trigger defensive behaviors. Please look up positive reinforcement training and get a force-free trainer to help you out. Hopefully the damage isn't extensive enough and it can be remedies considering her young age. She doesnt listen, we tell her no and she throws a tantrum, she listens to sit, shake, stay, come on, and get it, but she only listens when she wants to.

    Now she has gotten a but bigger when we tell her no she growls and barks and fries to bite us. We have tried grabbing her muzzzle and telling her no bite, be have tried spanking her butt, we have tried hitting her nose, yelling, yelping, nothing works, she just wont stop biting us. My mother and father says if she doesnt get better we will get rid of her because she is a "bad dog", i think she just needs more time and training. What should i do? I am 17 by the way. Thanks for stopping by! Have you tried the "L" technique outlines in the article to teach him to lie down? That's what I used in my doggie basic manners classes, best wishes!

    Hi Alexadry, I have a pit and we just think the world of him. We taught him quite a few commands while he was growing up but I just couldn't get him to lay down when I wanted him to do so. Mind you now, when we play with him, he'll lay down with his front legs in the air and his back legs wide apart.

    He wants me to rub his tummy all the way to his neck. Sometimes I won't do it, he'll then get up and take his nose and push my hand. I know what he wants me to do and I won't. He then gets right in front of me and looks at me with the strangest look. My husband and I just laugh at him. He then gets up and run around me and trys to push me over. I'm mostly in the sitting position when I pet him. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.