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Will this be satisfactory to you? Grant decided not to write to his mother about his increase in salary. He preferred to wait till his savings amounted to a considerable sum, and then surprise her by the announcement of his good fortune.

At any rate, when he was twenty-one he might hope to be the possessor of a thousand dollars. This opened to Grant a brilliant prospect. It was probably all his father was worth, including all his possessions. Now I shall be able to make the family more comfortable. When Willis Ford called at the office the next morning Grant was gone to the post office. As he returned he met Ford coming out with a check in his hand. I have always treated you with respect and tried to do my duty faithfully. It is because I see how you are trying to worm yourself into the confidence of Mr.

You have plotted against me, and now, thanks to you, I have lost my place. I will be even with you some day. He was conscious, though scarcely willing to admit it, that his misfortunes had been brought upon him by his own unwise, not to say criminal, course.

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None the less, however, was he angry with those whom he had connected with the disaster that had come upon him. He had always disliked Grant Thornton. Now he hated him, and thirsted for an opportunity to do him mischief. Next he felt embittered against Mr. Reynolds, who had discharged him, though it is hardly possible to see how the broker could have done otherwise. This dislike was increased within a few days, and for this reason. Ford addressed a letter to Mr.

Reynolds, requesting a certificate of good character, which would enable him to procure a new situation.

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If you are willing to refer him to me, on condition that I tell the truth, I will cheerfully testify that you have discharged your office duties to my satisfaction. Not content with discharging me, he wants to keep me out of employment. In truth, Willis Ford hardly knew where to turn. He had saved no money, and was earning nothing. In his dilemma he turned to his stepmother. One forenoon, after he knew the broker and Grant would be out of the way, he rang the bell, and inquired for the housekeeper.

Estabrook was agitated when she saw her step-son. She did not like to believe that he had robbed her, but it was hard to believe otherwise. I would not have believed you capable of it! I learn that a boy called, on the day in question, at my room and asked to see me. Being told that I was out, he asked leave to go up and wait for me.

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As the servant had no suspicion, he was allowed to go up. I have no doubt that it was either Grant or the telegraph boy, who seems to have been in the plot. Now, this story was an audacious fiction, and should not have imposed upon a person of ordinary intelligence; but the housekeeper was anxious to believe her step-son innocent and Grant guilty. He is too strongly prejudiced against me. What do you think? He has refused me a letter of recommendation. What does he care if I starve?

This was just the mood in which Ford desired his step-mother to be. He was desirous of effecting a loan, and after a time succeeded in having transferred to him two of the one-hundred-dollar bonds. He tried hard to obtain the five hundred, but Mrs. Estabrook was too prudent and too much attached to her savings to consent to this.

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Ford had to be satisfied with considerably less. Reynolds after he has treated you in this way, Willis? Treat him fairly, and watch your opportunity to harm him and serve me. We may as well make all we can out of the enemy, for Mr. Reynolds has treated me very shabbily.

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And now I must bid you good-by. Now came quite a pleasant period after the trouble and excitement. Grant found his duties at the office increased, and it was pleasant to see that his employer reposed confidence in him. His relations with others in the office were pleasant, now that Willis Ford was away, and every day he seemed to get new insight into the details of the business. Whether Jim Morrison and Tom Calder were in the city, he did not know. At all events, they were never seen in the neighborhood of Wall Street.

Grant was not sorry to have them pass out of his life, for he did not consider that he was likely to draw any benefit from their presence and companionship. He was still a member of Mr. Herbert appeared to be as much attached to him as if he were an older brother, and the broker looked with pleasure upon the new happiness that beamed from the face of his son.

As to Mrs.

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Estabrook, Grant had feared that she would continue to show animosity toward him, but he had nothing to complain of. She certainly did not show any cordiality in her necessary intercourse with him; but then, on the other hand, she did not manifest any desire to injure him. This was all Grant desired. He felt that under no circumstances could he have made a friend of the housekeeper. Every two weeks we'll take you through what went wrong, how it went wrong, and sort out whether it was Our Fault, or God's Fault.

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We look at what happened to the characters in your favorite movies after they end.

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If this was the real world, what would happen to that girl who survived the summer camp slasher massacre? Who's going to believe the guy who traveled through time? Were the members of The Breakfast Club still friends on Monday morning? These are the questions we're going to answer!

Helping Himself or Grant Thornton's Ambition by Alger Horatio Jr

And on top of that, every episode includes a fun mini-feature, and we revisit our picks for the top films of a particular year or A weekly podcast covering top public relations news and analysis. It's about time! Provocative, profound discussions at the intersection of science, art, and philosophy with paleontologist-futurist Michael Garfield and new amazing guests each week.

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