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These cube watermelons are not left on the ground to grow into their natural shape. The vine is trained into large square boxes where the melon grows to maturity.

The young watermelon is left in the box to naturally grow and take shape of the cube. The boxes these fruits are grown in are generally made of glass so that the sunlight can still reach them. The farmers allow these fruits to grow to approximately 19cm in diameter before removing them from their box and shipping them off to supermarkets to be sold to their new owners.

The process of growing these melons is actually more straight forward than one may have first thought. If you have a green thumb yourself, you may even be interested in growing your very own cube watermelon. Cube watermelons were originally created so that those who were poorer and could only afford small refrigerators in Japan could still enjoy watermelon.

While they were originally designed with good intent, these watermelons soon became a phenomenon worldwide. This cube watermelon craze led to a dramatic increase in price. Once the Japanese realised the popularity of the cube watermelon , other shaped watermelons began to appear on the market.

The heart-shaped watermelon was first noticed in supermarkets during and has become a watermelon icon in Japan. Other shaped watermelons included the explosive watermelon which is designed to replicate a bomb, the pyramid watermelon , the human faced watermelon and the calabash shaped watermelon. UK Edition.

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What's inside a Square Watermelon?

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Square Watermelon Is a Thing in Japan — But They’re Just for Show

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Why the Square Watermelon Will Make You a Better Person - Kletische

That's more than times the price of a regular old round melon. Training plants and trees to grow into unusual forms is nothing new; bonsai, espalier trees, pleached hedges, and even pears grown in Poire William bottles all come to mind.


But that the fruits of such labor, so to speak, can command such prices is remarkable.