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    Ace McCloud. National Fastpitch Coaches Association. Bill Reynolds. Gary Goodwin. Baseball Chronicles: Articles on Youth Coaching. But Cluess is also a vigilant observer of the flow of the game, and part of harnessing that is allowing his players the space to make plays on the fly. His disregard for the other 99 percent of teams has seemed only to calcify over the years. As analysts fret over the future of offense, Cluess shakes his head. If you really look at it, there are probably 10 to 15 offensive sets that 90 percent of Division I and N. The fastest warm-up drill in the country might take place at Hynes Athletic Center, where the Gaels start their practices with the shot clock at five.

    Then there are four-on-three drills, then three-on-two, then a scrimmage with the shot clock at The early days of training camp are often spent on an outdoor track. Turnovers bring push-ups and missed free throws bring sprints. The program runs on an endless reserve of energy. It is a requirement for a coach whose relationship with offense might seem, at first glance, like an obsession. The assistant coaches quietly ushered them away; Cluess can be known for his temper.

    When Cluess began coaching at St. Entering Friday, there were Division I teams shooting below Iona, at