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My hope in publishing these episodes for free is that more people will come to know and love the full power of this ubiquitous but under-appreciated tool. If you are grateful for Rake, please consider donating to the Weirich Fund in Jim's memory.

In the last episode we defined a Rake task to clean up the products of our build script. It did this through the simple expedient of recursively removing the outputs directory. Unlike in the immediately preceding episode, the HTML files will be generated next to their source files—there are no separate source and output directories.


We now have a rule for concatenating all the HTML fragment files into a single book. At times we may want to clean up just the intermediate files, leaving the ebook products intact. At other times we may want to blow away every generated file and start with a clean slate. We could write our own tasks to handle these two types of cleanup. This constant is a FileList , which is initially empty.

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This list tells Rake which files are considered final products. We run rake without any arguments first, to build our ebook files. When we list the files in the project, we can see various.

The Mathematical Tourist: Getting Clobbered

But when we list the project contents again, we can see that all the. If we then run rake clobber , we see a bunch of warnings about files that could not be found. That task is trying to remove a bunch of files which are already gone.

Synonyms Synonyms English for "clobber":. English baste bat batter cream drub lick stuff thrash.

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Context sentences Context sentences for "clobber" in Polish These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. English It is all the more scandalous because drivers in a country like France have been encouraged to buy diesel-powered vehicles - presumably so that we can now clobber them harder than ever!

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More by bab. English clips clique cliquey cliquish clit clitic clitoris cloak cloakroom cloakroom attendant clobber cloche cloche hat clock clock board clock card clock cycle clock doubled clock face clock speed clock tripled Translations into more languages in the bab.


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