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All three albums debuted atop the US Billboard , with the first one making Mendes one of f. In WWE, Calaway was rebranded as "The Undertaker" and gained significant mainstream popularity as a horror-themed, macabre entity who employed scare tactics and held links to the supernatural. The Undertaker became one of the most prominent figures of the Attitude Era, featuring in various pivotal storylines and matches as WWF sustained a boom period in business in the late s.

His character transitioned into a biker in. Nine matches were contested at the event, including one on the Kickoff pre-show. Storylines The show comprised nine matches, including one. Professional wrestling has accrued a considerable amount of jargon throughout its existence. A-team A group of a wrestling promotion's top stars who wrestle at an A-show.

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Not necessarily the same as the top champion. Examples of aces include Hayabusa in F. Catherine Joy Perry born March 24, is an American professional wrestler, professional wrestling manager, actress, dancer, model, and singer. Early life Perry was born on March 24, , in Gainesville, Florida,[5] the eldest of four siblings. She is of Portuguese and Venezuelan descent. From an early age, Perry aspired to become a ballet dancer like her mother. Teddy Ruxpin is an animatronic children's toy in the form of a talking Illiop, which looks like a bear. The creature's mouth and eyes move while "reading" stories played on an audio tape cassette deck built into its back.

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The series would be animated in a digital puppetry form and would be aimed at preschoolers. Christopher Comstock born May 19, , known professionally as Marshmello, is an American electronic music producer and DJ. He is best known for the songs "Silence", "Wolves", "Friends", and "Happier", all of which have been certified multi-platinum in several countries and appeared in the Top 30 of the Billboard Hot Marshmello's second song in , a platinum-certified single titled "Alone", was released in May via the Canadian record label Monstercat.

Having peaked on the US Billboard Hot at number 60, it became his first single to be certified platinum in the US and Canada with over a million copies of certified units.

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In , after releasing singles such as "Chasing Colors",. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. WWE has also branched out into other fields, including movies, football, and various other business ventures. As of , it is the largest wrestling promotion in the world, holding over events a year, with the roster divided up into various globally traveling brands,[10] and is available to about 36 million viewers in more than countries. The company's global headquarters is located in Stamford, Connecticut, with offices in major cities across the world.

In professional wrestling, a heel also known as a rudo in lucha libre is a wrestler who portrays a villain or a "bad guy" and acts as an antagonist[1][2][3] to the faces, who are the heroic protagonist or "good guy" characters. Not everything a heel wrestler does must be villainous: heels need only to be booed or jeered by the audience to be effective characters.

To gain heat with boos and jeers from the audience , heels are often portrayed as behaving in an immoral manner by breaking rules or otherwise taking advantage of their opponents outside the bounds of the standards of the match. Others do not or rarely break rules, but instead exhibit unlikeable, appalling and deliberately offensive and demoralizing personality traits such as arrogance, cowardice or contempt for the audience.

Many heels do both, cheating as well as behaving nastily. No matter the type of heel, the most important job is that of the antagonist role, as heels exist to provide a foil to the face wrestlers. If a given heel is cheere. The Rolling Stones are an English rock band formed in London in The first stable line-up consisted of bandleader Brian Jones guitar, harmonica, keyboards , Mick Jagger lead vocals, harmonica , Keith Richards guitar, vocals , Bill Wyman bass , Charlie Watts drums , and Ian Stewart piano. Stewart was removed from the official line-up in but continued to work with the band as a contracted musician until his death in The band's primary songwriters, Jagger and Richards, assumed leadership after Andrew Loog Oldham became the group's manager.

Jones left the band less than a month before his death in , having already been replaced by Mick Taylor, who remained until After Taylor left the band, Ronnie Wood took his place in and continues on guitar in tandem with Richards. Since Wyman's departure in , Darryl Jones has served as touring bassist. The Stones have not had an official keyboardist since , but have employed several musicians in that role, including Jack Nitzsche. Also wrestled for Stampede Wrestling. Titan's reign lasted just fif. Dwayne Douglas Johnson born May 2, , also known by his ring name The Rock, is an American actor, producer, and former professional wrestler.

He initially aspired for a professional career in football and entered the NFL Draft, but he went undrafted. Shortly after, he began training as a professional wrestler. Psikyo[a] was a Japanese video game developer founded in Psikyo was an offshoot formed from the Video System team that created the Aero Fighters series.

The team mainly developed arcade games, mostly vertically scrolling shoot 'em ups and erotic mahjong games. The popularity of these arcade games led to them being ported to home consoles, and then ultimately led to Psikyo developing games for consoles. Psikyo was acquired by X-Nauts in mid In , it was reported that Psikyo was shutting down.

Psikyo was known for its difficult "second loops"; after completing the game, you start again, with a high difficulty increase over the first "loop" with enemies firing faster and better. This has even been extended to Aero Fighters 2 and Aero Fig. He transferred to the University of Pennsylvania two years later, where he received a Bachelor's degree in economics from the Wharton School and a Bachelor's degree in physics from the College of Arts and Sciences.

He began a Ph. King of the Ring tournament is a professional wrestling single-elimination tournament held by WWE.

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The tournament was held annually from to , with the exception of and From to , the tournament was produced as a pay-per-view event. The tournament endured a four-year hiatus until its return in as an exclusive event of the SmackDown brand. The tournament returned as an inter-brand event for both SmackDown and Raw in , , and It returned in for both brands.

History Prior to pay-per-view Although the King of the Ring tournament was not made into a pay-per-view event until , the original King of the Ring tournament was held in Don Muraco won the tournament last defeating The Iron Sheik. Pay-per-view The King of the Ring was an event in which typically sixteen wrestlers wrestled in a one-on-one single elimination bracket.

When a wrestler wins a match in the bracket, he advances to take on anot. He was the chairman and CEO of Fox News and Fox Television Stations, from which he resigned in July following allegations that he had engaged in sexual harassment. Bush, and for Rudy Giuliani's first mayoral campaign. In , he became an adviser to the Donald Trump campaign, where he assisted with debate preparation. Ailes suffered from hemophilia, a medical condition in which the body is impaired in its ability to produce blood clots.

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He died on May 18, at the age of 77 after suffering a subdural hematoma that was aggravated by his hemophilia. John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. As a wrestler, he is currently signed to WWE. Cena was born and raised in West Newbury, Massachusetts. He moved to California in , where he pursued a career as a bodybuilder before transitioning into professional wrestling in when he debuted for Ultimate Pro Wrestling UPW.

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In WWE, Cena gained industry fame after adopting a persona of a trash-talking rapper,[10][11] and won his first singles title, the United States Championship, in Following that, Cena's character transitioned into a "Superman-like" heroic figure,[12] and subsequently led the company as its fra. AlphaDream Corporation, Ltd. The company's staff included prominent former developers from Square, such as Chihiro Fujioka.


On October 1, , AlphaDream was shut down after declaring bankruptcy. History AlphaDream was founded on January 12, They were then known as Alpha Star. Several members of their staff were notable staff from Square.